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permit-to-carry-classPermit to Carry Classes

Combine our MN Permit to Carry Class with UT and FL classes and safely carry in 36 states!  We also offer classroom and online MN Permit to Carry classes.

***$10.00 discount to Military Personnel and their Families.

MN Permit to Carry Classes

UT Permit to Carry Classes

FL Permit to Carry Classes

AZ Permit to Carry Classes

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gun-permit-trainingWomen’s Only Classes

We offer a comprehensive Ladies Day at the Range, but we can also provide private Women Only classes for any group you can organize.

Ladies Day at the Range

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advanced-gun-trainingPrivate Group and Advanced Classes

We can provide any private group or advanced training classes you may need.

Custom Private Group Classes

Marksmanship Training

Tactical Carry Classes

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gun safety classHunters Gun Safety Class

We provide DNR Firearms Safety classes for your MN Firearms Safety Certificate.

MN DNR Firearms Safety Classes

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Online Permit to Carry Classes

online carry permit classTake your Minnesota Permit to Carry class online!

You can take the “classroom” portion online, at your own pace, and perform the shooting requirements when you are ready!

Our online class follows the same course as our classroom version.  We’ll cover all firearms laws, standards of conduct for carrying a firearm, where you can and cannot carry, and the four concurrent conditions necessary to be able employ deadly force.

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