Our Instructors

All of Bold’s instructors, besides having to qualify according to Bold’s instructors syllabus, must also be currently qualified as a Minnesota DNR Firearms Safety Instructor and have at least the NRA’s Range Safety Officers certification.

Besides Minnesota’s Carry Permit Classes they offer Utah’s Concealed Firearm Permit training and Florida’s Concealed Weapons Permit training, they also will do specialized training including advanced and personalized one on one training.

We’d like to start with our owner, David Arnold. Because the rest of the crew follows his lead, and if he’s worth his salt you should be able to trust the rest.

Dave Arnold is uniquely qualified to shepherd new students through the world of defense and marksmanship. He brings a wealth of experience from the civilian and military world, and a lifetime of outdoor activity as his graduate degree.

  • Coach and Shooting Member, USAR small bore rifle & pistol teams.
  • NRA Instructor: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, self protection in the home, Personal Protection
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  • Minnesota DNR certified Firearms Safety Instructor
  • Past Director of Outdoor Operations for Turn In Poachers
  • Co-Owner of Defensive Firearms Institute, Inc.
  • Student of Massad Ayoob’s class on Threat Management in November of 2005 and the shooting course “Stress Fire” in February of 2005.
  • Served as Range officer for the MN National Guard for Teen Camp at Camp Ripley in 2004
  • Repeat engagements with the DNR at the academy for Conservation Officers at Camp Ripley. Worked, specifically, as a field trainer for simulated field checks.
  • Served 6 years, United States Army Reserve.
  • Served United States Air Force ROTC in college.

Our instructors have a varied background in law enforcement, military and civilian shooting sports. Each has been hand-picked, and all of them are qualified range instructors. Ask each of them about their qualifications during your class.

Current Instructors are:

Dave Arnold

Hans Froseth

Duane Kallis

Terry Stripsky

Kurt Witte

Frank Veldey

Sean Stevens

Mark Hookom

Chuck Kellett

Dennis Bakken

Matt Johnson

Robert Wilson